Finnish Tour in English

TEHO Sport Finnish Tour is a men’s and women’s tennis circuit in Finland. In 2021, the Finnish Tour consists of eight singles tournaments for men and women. Others than the Finnish National Championships (to Finnish citizens only) are open to all International players.


City Dates Events Entry deadline
Jyväskylä 12.-14.3.2021 Men + Women 7 MARCH
TBD TBD Men + Women TBD
Helsinki 21.-23.5.2021 Men + Women 16 MAY
Hanko 28.6.-4.7.2021 Finnish Nationals Only 13 JUNE
Vaasa (men)
Oulu (women)
16.-18.7.20121 Men + Women 11 JULY
Hämeenlinna (men)
TBD (women)
27.-29.8.2021 Men + Women 22 AUGUST
Kotka 8.-10.10.2021 Men + Women 3 OCTOBER
Helsinki 14.-19.12.2021 Finnish Nationals Only 5 DECEMBER

PRIZE MONEY DISTRIBUTION (Excluding Finnish Championships)

The prize money is paid if there are min. 12 players in the draw.

Prize Money Distribution
12-16 players 17-24 players 25 players or more
Winner 1000€ 1500€ 2000€
Runner-Up 500€ 800€ 1000€
Semi-Finalist 350€ 500€
Quarter-Finalist 250€


DRAWS (Excluding Finnish Championships)

Event Number of Players Direct Acceptances Max. International Direct Acceptances Wild Cards
Men’s Singles 32 26 4 0-6
Women’s Singles 16 13 2 0-3


The entry deadline for each tournament (exluding national championships) is on Sunday 23:59 GMT+2, 5 days before the tournament begins.

All the Finnish Tennis Membership holders must enter the tournament through

International participants may also enter by email to toimisto(at) It is, however, mandatory for all players to have a valid Finnish Tennis Membership (see Entrance Fee for more information). Email must contain the following information:

Full Name:

Date of Birth:


Phone Number:

Email Address:

Current ATP/WTA Ranking:

If not, National Ranking:


The entrance fee for singles is max. 55€ in singles and max. 27,50€/player in doubles.

The Finnish Tennis Membership fee is in 2019:

  • for adults (born 2000 or after) 36€/year or 17€/event
  • for juniors (born 2001 or later) 20€/year or 7€/event

Both fees must be paid before the start of the event either online or on-site.


Once the entry deadline has passed, entries are sorted based on the National rankings (Finnish participants) and ATP/WTA rankings (International participants). The entered players are primarily ordered and selected based on their National ranking in Finland. Thereafter the Finnish Tennis Association and the Tournament Organizer reviews the international entries. The maximum number of International direct acceptances is 4 players in men’s singles and 2 players in women’s singles.

Entered players, either Finnish or International, may be named as singles main draw Wild Cards by the Tournament Organizer (4 in men’s singles and 2 in women’s singles) until the acceptance lists are published. Also, The Finnish Tennis Association holds the right to name 2 Wild Cards for men’s singles and 1 for women’s singles based on results at the Finnish Junior Tennis Tour U21.

Wild Cards that withdraw cannot be replaced with another Wild Card after the applicable draw has been made. A Wild Card who does not show for their match is substituted by an Alternate.

The acceptance lists and Wild Cards are published on Monday, the week the tournament begins. Draws are published on Wednesday of the tournament week. Players may withdraw before the draws are made.


All the singles matches are played in best of three tiebreak sets. Possible doubles matches are played with two tiebreak sets with noad, and a 10-point match tiebreak.